Monday, 31 December 2012

Wednesday 19 December 2012

    Today I was very unlucky person because my partner going back to their hometown.I honestly forget to copied all work from my partner,Faiz adha..Miss zu very angry with me because she doesn't like with my explaination..I felt guilty because make Miss zu be a moody.

     For overall,all my friend tried to make presentation with a new topic..Miss zu accepted several pairs topic but their need to changed their tittle.Miss zu lost her patience because we all still doesn't understant what she want.Everybody looked scare...
Tuesday,18 December 2012

      Today we need to make presentation about broad topic and all pairs looked not ready to gave presentation to Miss Zu.Miss Zu very dissapointed with all performance because we dont understand what Miss Zu want.

      The others who watched  it felt very scared and not confident to present theirs topic.So I and Faiz adha let others people to do it first.Miss Zu doesn't like our broad topic because many issues was very common.
So she want we all go back to college,doing research and try found a new broad topic.
3rd week

Monday,17 december 2012

       This evening was rainy and I walk out from my college,as usually my class at Dewan Seri Peria.I came late but my class doesn't started yet.It was because the degree student use this class for organized a party.Several minute after that we entered the hall and started the class as usual.

       Miss Zu remind us about that assignment that she gave us before.She rejected our assignment because we did wrong.We try to redo it.After that,class continues.She taught us about tense.Miss zu focus on grammar especially basic past tense,present tense and future tense.We all forget everything about tense.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Wednesday,12 December 2012

Today our class was located at computer laboratory..We need to make a blog..Some of my friends had already done and the rest had not created a blog yet...I am very happy because this was my first time create a blog...I cannot write my blog properly because wifi in Uitm was very slow...However,I decide to write in my room..

Beside that,Miss zu gave a task with partner...i picked Faiz Adha for my partner..We need to find an article with interesting topic...hope I can found it...


Tuesday 11 December 2012

Today our bel class continues like usual..I predicted that our class will be like yesterday,full in pressure but my predicted was wrong..It's was because Miss Zu conducted activity that's called "THAT'S SHOCKING"..Firstly I really doesn't know what we need to do..After that,Miss Zu asked us to write down four amazing stories that can make people shock and fainting...Haha...

Then we need to fold the paper to be an aeroplane..At the same time,my friends laughing because Solihin folding the paper to be hat but not an aeroplane..Haha..It's was funny...After that we need to fly them into the middle of this class..Next,we must take an aeroplane randomly to read four our friends amazing stories from the paper..

First person who will read was Fatin..First funny stories was "I always sleep naked"...Everybody in the was very shock and start laughing..We laughing until Miss Zu warn us to keep silent..Then,Miss Zu asked  
the real person to stand up..OH...THAT SHOCKING because the real person is a girl and she was a shy person..Haha..

Class for today was very funny an I hope it will be continues....


week 2....

Monday 10 December 2012

 My class today is located at Dewan Seri Peria..Today,I need to introduce my pair Fatin Syahira as known as Cik Faa and give four fact about her but one from that fact is false..Asnawi and Nadia will introduce themselves but maybe they got little bit nervous and cant talk properly in full sentences...Miss Zu getting headache because our class very slow and give 5 minute to discuss with our partner...Oh thanks to god..

After my name called by a pairs Izzat and Syafiqah..I felt my body shiver..I cannot spoke very well until Miss Zu doesn't understand what i meant..Oh My English...After this I will try the best to do all activity....Insyallah..


Wednesday 5 December 2012

      Today my class was cancel..I was very happy because I can back to hostel and slept on my bed...Haha..No class for today and the activity will postponed for next week..
Tuesday,4 December 2012

    Today it was rainy..I just sit at back and listening my lecturer talking..Miss zu introduced to us about type of writing essay..we need to memorized 5 types of essay such as cause-effect essay,problem-solution essay,compare-contract essay,argumentative essay and discussion essay but one will come out for the final examination..

    Then,Miss zu want us to be in pair by counting number one until fourteen..I've got number nine same with Fatin Syahira..I hope i can got a good communicated with her..Insyallah...

                                                       MY FEELING OF WRITING

               ASSALAMUALAIKUM..Before this I'm very bad writer..I doesn't like to write especially in english..Haha..That's not good for us because english is a second language in our country and also known as international language..For me,many important things that we would should learn about english...

   I hope this semester I will found my weaknesses in english and change it to be my strength..Insyallah..
Hopefully,I will get a good result for my english subject..Amin

Monday, 3 December 2012

   Today is my first class for BEL 311 subject...I felt very lazy went to the class..It is rainy day..I always felt sleppy when it rains..My new lecturer for this subject enter into the class..Her name is Miss Zuraidah binti Sumery..She remind us to remember her name properly or u can lost 1 mark for your assignment..After that, we need play a game before we dismiss the class.We make two circle and look each other..It's is called 'network activity'..It's is a good game for me and I hope I will confident to talk english to everyone..haha
                                                     MY VIEW ON BLOGGING


This is my first time to make my blog..Beside that,I really dont know how to make a blog until I had to asked for help from my friends..This is pretty bored for me,but I need do it as a challenge..I hope all my friends can give me advice or criticism for help to increase my English..Done..