Saturday, 23 March 2013

21 march 2013

  Replacement class

Today we have replacement class at night and this class is last class for Bel 311. I hope that I could not repeat this subject for next semester. hehehe.. Our activity today is reading comprehension. She teaches us to answer the question based on march 2012 question paper. Beside that she gave us information to make a essay. We can found material from the essay at part B. After that miss zu us to filled up the survey about blogging. Miss zu went out for a while and she asked us to finished it our work. Then miss zu entered into the class and discussed the answer for second article. Class dismissed but miss zu surprised us because he want celebrates their student with little supper. Thank you miss because i am hungry...hehehe..
After that, miss zu gave us support to do well in examination. Thank you miss zu because teach us and celebrates us.."your kindness always be remember". WE ALWAYS LOVE YOU..





20 march 2013

    Today Miss zu wanted us to settle down our quizzes, blogging and portfolio because she want gave us marks.. After that she called two new "lecturers" bariah and inayah to teach us about discussion essay.
Discussion essay is quiet easy than others type of essay. A discussion essay present and discussed issues surrounding a particular topic. A good discussion essay must includes a through discussion of both sides of the topic.It should provides a well rounded understanding of the issues before the writer present his personal opinions and conclusions.

19 march 2013

    Today our class start as usually..Miss zu organized some activity based on video. We need to draw a conclusion based on the video. Miss zu shown us video clip from Daniel Powter and a part of 'Lord of the ring movie'.





18 march 2013

   class cancel
13 march 2013

  Before Miss Zu start the class with the lessons, she arrange our timetable for the speaking test first. nadia zamri need to extend to thursday evening because Miss Zu have a class at wednesday night. After finished the arrange the timetable, Miss Zu continue the class with the argumentative writing. For an argument essay to be effective, it must contain certain elements. For this reason, you must take a few minutes to plan and prepare before you jump into writing an argument essay. To find good topic for an argument essay you should consider several issues that will have two conflicting points of view or very different conclusions. As you look over a list of topic you should find one that really sparks your interest. you need to choose agree or disagree stand for your essay.

    After Miss Zu teach us about argumentative and show some example, then she asked us to write the argumentative essay. The title is "Women are becoming bolder as well as more agressive and men are more sensitive. Agree or disagree with the statement." Miss Zu want us submit the essay next monday.

12 march 2013

 class cancelled but i need to do speakin test today.
11 march 2013

     Today miss zu carried out speaking test for group 5. Group that includes rozita, dieba, wasim and syafiqah azmi.. This practice is essential for us before we doing a real test. They group are good in speaking.
As usual we need to gave them mark. All of student gave them high mark. After the pre speaking test,Miss zu asked all of us to practise in our own group, only nabila and me practice because izani got a 'MC'.
6 march 2013

  Today miss zu carried out speaking practise again for preparitional real speaking next week. Firstly she divided us into several group. My group is only nabila,izani and me.After that,miss zu choose group 1 to do pre spaking test. When they are presenting we need to give them mark. Bariah and faiz get a good mark depend on their presentation.



    Replacement class

For replacement class miss zu taugh us about comparism or contrast, before that you need to understand the
basic of comparism or contrast first. Tonight, we all watched a little bit video from desperate housewives series. There are two person name BREE VAN DE KAMP and LYNETTE SCAVO. They have same job but different in behaviour.

5 march 2013

   Today we have to bring our laptop again. If yesterday we done with self-editing and today we continue with peer editing. Before we do peer editing, all of group need to change their draft to others group. My group will change to bariah group. After we done it miss zu wanted us to evaluate the peer editing.



4 march 2013

   Assalamualaikum to all my reader. our class today at DSP. First activity today is continues forum for the last group since they still not done yet. Group 6 includes faiz (midas), sarra and nadia salehin. Syafiqah azmi should be in this group but i heard that she got a woman problem. The group talk about plastic bag. After that miss zu gave us colour paper based on type of essay. According to miss zu, the paper consist of two sheet are self-editing and peer editing. For today class we only do the self editing, at the same time we need to editing our referencess.

                                                                        group 6


27 February 2013

   Today we were doing forum. First group that will presenting their forum is izani groups'. izani group includes izani, dieba, faiz adha, nabila and nina. They do well in their presentation. Faiz adha talk fastly like a rappers from america but he still come from Banting right??.  After that group 2 includes
eika, wawa, rozita che wan and asnawi..haha. eika do a good job as moderator and also their members.
Group 3 members are bariah as moderator, ani, atiqah, asyraf and izzat. After group 3, my group will come up. Fuhh!!! I really scared and try a best to do as moderator. Zubaidah got a 'MC' because she got headache. cik faa as a manager, wasim is a technician and bariah as mother eventhough she no longer experience to be a mother...hahaha.. Group 5 is group nadia zamri, ana, tirah, syafiqah salleh and solihin.
Its interesting because solihin nickname is "SALLY".. wakakakaka...unfortunately, group 6 will presented their's forum by next week because our class already in 6 o'clock.The best host that i choose is eika and the best panel is faiz adha..

                                                              group first


                                                               second group


                                                                Third group

                                                            That's my group

                                                                    Group five

26 February 2013

     Today miss zu taugh us about how to make reference. We need to make references to for evidences that our quotes is true. Miss zu asked all student in the class to refer in textbook at page 69 and 70. We need to put reference in our draft at least 5. So faiz adha and me will shown you our references. our class will not end without work. Miss zu want us to divide into 6 group. I got 5 members include me. My members is inayah, cik faa, wasim and zubaidah. We need to do forum contest tomorrow. After that our class dismissed at 6 o'clock.

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25 February 2013

   Assalamualaikum to my reader. Today we need to bring laptop to Dewan Seri Peria. As usually I asked faiz adha to bring laptop because he save ours' bel 311 works. At the same time we get backs our outline paper that we submit to miss zu before. Unlucky we got below 4 over 5. we expected we get a full mark.
Therefore, we need to do correction. Tonight we have replacement class.

 Replacement class at night

    Our class tonight at blog sri laksamana. Miss zu teach us problem and solution essay and after that she asked all student make a essay. It seem like before we need to be group into 5 group and each group must create their own essay based on video. I really stress today because I am in not well condition and we need to think quickly to create problem and solution essay.

20 February 2013

    Hye everyone! Today lesson is about cause and effect essay. Miss zu taught us more detail and we learnt all pattern of this essay. I preferred patern no 4 and 5 because it just focus on causes or effect. After Miss zu explained one by one about the pattern, then we played a game.

    My group member are solihin, izzat, Faiz adha, wawa, nina and me. based on video we wanted to make cause and effect essay. We need to think about the massage behind the video. One member for one pharagraph. My group essay is "poor in pronounciation". We must to submit it before 6 o'clock.