Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2nd January 2013...

        Today we entered lab class at Sri Laksamana.We need to surfed internet to do online quiz that Miss zu asked before.It was easy because I asked Wasim to tell what the answer..Haha..So I got full mark for my first quiz.I am verry happy.

        After that,we played an interesting game.First we must divided group to be four and must have six members for one group.The six members for my group are Faiz Adha, Abdul Wasim, Shafiqah Azmi, Asnawi, Khairul Bariah, and me.We had to watch the video on the big screen then we need to guest the hidden meaning of the video shown.After that we must interpret what we understand based on video by creating our main point and show it to All my friend. Faiz Adha wrote our main point and show it to Miss Zu.

       Miss Zu read our main point and cannot except it.So we got zero point because it doesn't related with the video shown.Then we continued to second video.It's time for me to read our main point.Unfortunately,we still got zero point until class dismiss..It's was so embrassing. After that the loser had to give a big hand to the winners.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

  1 January 2013

      Today was a new day for year 2013 but my class still run as usually.My class attempt at block Usahawan. Today we were discussed about the homework that she gave to us.We need to completed exercised from text book.We discussed about "Paraphrasing".Miss zu chosen several person to answer their question.After that Miss Zu introduced our new topic about "Summarising".In my mind,"Summarising more eassier than "paraphrasing"..
31 December 2012

        Today was very busy day for me because my pair and I still doesn't not have material for our topic 'baby hatch'.We went to library and spent time front of computer to found information for our topic.I really angry because many information that is irrelevent to my topic.Many of them not related with my topic.We were very tired and I hope I will finished this assignment soon.Alhamdulilah..Thanks to Allah because finally Miss Zu accepted our topic about baby hatch..

                         Luckily, today we could put our mind at ease when Miss Zu accepted our title about baby hatch ,at least she accepted a piece of our effort. We were so relieved when she said " i think it is good with your title, very good". I really like that sound. So after  this we need to looking for more information from library then we need to print it out. So, here the presentation that we shown for today in the class.

Well i would to like to share to all of you about what the negative and positive side of providing hatch.
       There are 4 positive sides. First, it can reduce the number of abandoned babies dramtically. Second, the rate of infant mortality will reduced. Third, it is one of giant step to change a better life for the babies when they grow up. Lastly, Malaysia as efficient as developed countries in handling abandoned babies issues.
           There are 4 negative sides. First, it could encourage people to do premarital sex. Second, foreigner could take advantages of baby hatch that provided by our government. Third, increasing the number of non-marital children. Lastly, it is insulting the section 317 of the penal code where if you abandon your child below age 12, the parent of the child will serve their life in jail.

                 So that's all that i can share with you guys about my topic. You may prefer this topic more detail through:




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