Tuesday, 19 February 2013

18 February 2013

    I had absent today because over slept.I am very sorry..
6 February 2013

         Alhamdulillah, I am very thankfully to my partner because he helped me to make the best outline.Its was very difficult to do because need to follow rules and format.I am very happy because our outline completely done..So,I want to showed you all our outline:

                             The negative and positive sides
                                  of providing baby hatch.
        I.            Introduction :
It is indeed that government provide baby hatch to stop the homicide     among the unwanted babies but, there strong claims that baby hatch provided will bring more negative result than positive ones.

      II.            Body paragraph:
A)     Con 1:  It can reduce the number of abandoned babies dramatically.
1.       According to Nasiruddin H. (n.d.) notes that baby hatch is a place where unwanted babies dumped by their parent.
a)      He added that human resources staff will inspect the infants and they will deliver the infants to the Welfare Department after they ensured the infants are in good health.

2.       However  this factual statement might be inconclusive because not most of unwed couple wants dump their baby in the baby hatch this fact is supported by the annual report from police department shows unwanted baby still dump in uncompatible place.

3.       Pro 1: To begin with, unwed couple wants to avoid from being disgraced by community due to their illegal action by dumping their infant in the baby hatch.
a)       According to Spokesman for UN Children’s Fund (n.d.) states that unwed mothers are encounter a numerous of social stigma that  guide the mother to unsafe abortions then lead them to dump their infant to incompatible place.

B)      Con 2:  some people say that the implementation of baby hatch  good to  reduce the rate of infant mortality.
1)      It is undeniably  that newborns are need high protection to ensure they can survive in this world and give them another chance to live.
a)       Harjeet Singh (n.d.) proposes that innocent infant’s life can be rescued by providing baby hatch where these babies can seek a shelter from being harmed.

2)      In contrast, researches shown that  the baby dumped in the baby hatch could get proper attention in term of health care, food and protection is very essential.
3)      Pro :  Another reason why baby hatch must not be implemented because it still not utilize effectively .
a)      According to Faizah (n.d.) proves  that there is still unwed couple dumped and killed their newborn infant by flushing them down the toilet, abandoned them in the dustbin or threw them into the river eventhough baby hatch already implemented.

C)      Con 3:  For those who are against these ideas may say that we should to dumped the babies at the mosque or welfare centre.
1.       Providing baby hatch brings us towards westernization and modernization such as Japan.
a)      When modernization absorbs in ourselves it will eliminates good moral values, customs and rules of religions.

2.       Pro 3:  saving a life is not wrong eventhough it is violate of law under section 317 of the penal code where if you abandon your child  below age 12, the parent of the child will serve their life in jail but giving a second chance is one of noble steps.
a)      We can’t judge or punish these babies due to their status
b)      Everybody deserves a second chance  to change their life.

    III.            Conclusion
According to the numerous weakness and shortcoming what was our government provided for Malaysian people is not permenant solution to curb baby dumping problem , it is proven by many statistics shows baby dumping  problem is increasing every year eventhough baby hatch is provided  in Malaysia and since the hard evidence provided  here proves that everyone should against of baby hatch implementation in Malaysia because it brings more harms than good.

Our outline is good right?please comment and give good advice that we can improved our outline.
5 February 2013

     Today we had made correction for our mistake yesterday.We had done conclusion but our outline still incompleted because our material input not enough yet.We still need to surfed internet again to increased our materials.

      Faiz adha bring a laptop as usually today and we need to completed our outline before friday,unlikely faiz adha laptop's run out of battery and we need to found laptop to continues our works.So,we asked permission to Miss zu to lend computer in the class. Alhamdulillah,Miss zu gave permission to use UITM computer in the class.We continues our work until class dismiss.
4 February 2013

   Today our class at Dewan Sri Peria..We need to bring laptop because Miss zu wanted to checked our outline.We was first group checked by Miss zu.She scold us because our outline was not completed,we do not do paraphasing from our materials and our outline also do not followed format from the book. My partner and I forgot to check the format and honestly.we do not know how to make the outline.After that we realize our mistake and tried make correction from our mistake..
30 January 2013

    Today our class still with presentation from two group that Miss zu rejected yesterday.then we proceed to introduction.Our grammar,sentences and tenses need to be good if want Miss zu accepted it.She check all introduction one by one.When it comes for our turned,she corrected the error from our introduction.Now,our introduction good and we can go to next level.."OUTLINE"....
7 January 2013

     Today,Miss Zu wanted us to bring laptop for commenting each other in the blog.
I dont have a laptop because my brother borrowed my laptop before this.So I tried to lend a laptop from my friends to do a commenting.

       After I bought a laptop,we need to surfed internet from Dewan Seri Peria.Unfortunately, wifi UITM at Dewan Seri Peria was very slow and most of my friends couldn't access the internet.Then Miss zu want us went to library for access the internet.

       We arrived at library and surfed internet at computer lab.I opened my blog and comment my friends blog.I am very shock because my follower have one person..The person is Izzat..My blog was quietly not popular than others..So our class was dismiss at 4 o'clock
29 January 2013

   Today we continues our presentation and Miss zu accepted our thesis statement. Alhamdulillah we grateful
because our thesis statement accepted.

It is indeed that baby hatch provided by government is

 the one of the noble steps to protect these  unwanted

 babies and reduce the rate of mortality infant in

 Malaysia, however, there are strong claims that baby

 hatch implemented in Malaysia will bring more

 catastrophe than solution.

Beside that,others thesis statement for another group also accepted,however only two group still rejected.
After that,we need to do outline for our essay.
28 January 2013

There no class today because public holiday.

23 January 2013

     Today our class at library because Miss zu had something to settle down and asking us to sit in group to discussed and create three thesis statement.We got many idea from the discussion.These was four thesis statement that we created in library

 Despite, baby hatch provided by government is the one of the noble step to protect these  unwanted babies and reduce the rate of mortality infant in Malaysia, however, there are strong claims that baby hatch implemented in Malaysia will bring more catastrophe than solution.

Although  government provide baby hatch to stop the homicide among the unwanted babies  but, there are strong claims that baby hatch provided will bring more negative result an positive ones .

Other claims that baby hatch provided by government is very effective to protect these unwanted babies from being harm  however, there are hard evidences that implementation of baby hatch could rise the baby dumping problem and other social problems rather  than to protect these unwanted babies from being harm.

In order to reduce the number of homicide among unwanted newborns from being arise, the government has provided baby hatch to protect these unwanted newborns from being abandoned or killed and seems more effective, despite from that some people claims that baby hatch provided give more negative impacts to the babies and community rather than positive impacts.

22nd January 2013

    Today Faiz adha and I be a first group presented thesis statement to Miss Zu. We presented our thesis statement but she really mad at us because she wants three thesis statement not one.As we expected she rejected our thesis statement and she want we redo it next week.however,the first group that Miss zue accepted is Atikah groups.After that solihin groups and inayah groups.Tomorrow,Miss Zue want us do a discussion at library.
21st January 2013

No bell class for today
16 January 2013

         Introductory Essay

Today we were learnt how to do a perfect introductory paragraph by using 1 or more hooks to grab reader's attention before we make our own. I show you what we learnt this evening:

The function of introductory

¨It attracts the reader’s interest to continue reading the essay / Get the readers’ attention.
¨It supplies background information needed to understand the essay.
¨It presents a thesis statement, the main idea of the essay, usually towards the end of the introduction.
¨It indicates a plan of the essay’s development (optional).
¨Set tone for the rest of the essay

The part of the introductory paragraph 

¨The Hook - Designed to grab attention immediately and give
 some indication about the essay’s topic


¨The Transition - Moves the reader from the hook to the driving force of the essay….
¨The Thesis Statement - Makes the contract with the reader about what will be discussed without a blatant announcement.

  So Fikri and i decided to write our introductory paragraph by using Quotation as our hook. Below is the example of quotation hook that we preferred to:

¨“I am stupid. I am never going back to school.” These are the words spoken by a learning disabled child when he was in first grade. He cried as he slowly walked to his bedroom, shredding his schoolwork into small pieces. This was the first of many times when he and his parents would feel frustrated because there was nothing that they could do. Parents of children with learning disabilities have often felt unprepared to help their children with their handicaps and frustrated with attempts to seek the proper placement of them in the public-school system. The experience of school can be overwhelming for children who have trouble learning. The learning disabled student in the public educational system must deal with academic, social, and emotional problems. 

15 January 2013

      Today our class recall about thesis statement.After Miss zu explain about thesis statement,she asking us to make three thesis statement for our term paper.She going to check it on next week.Beside that,we also learned about the hook for introduction paragraph.It can attract reader to read your essay. There are seven type for hook:

-Personal examples
-Fact or statistic
-Rhetorical question
-Current event
-Contrast to the thesis statement

14 January 2013

       We are going to debate!!!.Very interesting activity.Firstly,we divided into 4 group.i got seven member in my group.My member's in my group are syafiqah salleh,wasim,eika ahmad,farahani,kimah and nadiah salihin.Our topic is "it is consider cheating when your partner girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife was checking on other beautiful girl/boy/men/women in facebook like poking,liking and etc.We are from group opposition while faiz adha group from government.Seven reason selected by our group are the statement is funny,for business purpose,like and poke button is already in facebook page,relationship based on trust,we can find our friends or get new friends,as medium for social network and it depend on body language.

      faiz adha was best debate because his manner of speech like a rappers but our group won that game because our input were better than government sides.Beside that,the topic for group three and four is about men can work in group more efficient than women. Rozita be a best debate but no winner from that debate.


                                                          group faiz


                                                           group nadia zamri



9 January 2013

      Today we need to comment our's friends blogs,before that Miss zu asked us to put some picture to make our blog more creative.Oh my god,I am not a creative person because I had just put Durian as my background. Nabila comment "why do you use durian as layout?".After that,I checking izat blog and I cannot understand what izat wrote on his blog.Its look so mystery and his writing very small and hard to read.Miss zu asked us to reply every comment sent from our friends.
8 January 2013

        assalamualaikum. Today we had learned about fact and opinion.I felt excited because before these I exactly do not know how to distinguish between them.Fact and opinion are very easy to understand but tricky.A fact is specific detail while opinion based on conclusion that cannot be proven by objective evidence.

         After that we also play game that call salesman and sales women.In this game we need guess how many opinion and fact sentences.Miss zu bring some item and we need to choose one from them.Miss zu tried divide us in six group.In my group have kima,ana and syafiqah salleh.The product that we need to promote is coffee mix.Then we need to create a few of fact and opinion.We present it while others team need to guess how many fact and opinion sentences that contained in our presentation.We have three opinion and two fact sentence.My team and faiz team tied with same marks.

                                                                        magic box



                                                                                       My group