Saturday, 23 March 2013

27 February 2013

   Today we were doing forum. First group that will presenting their forum is izani groups'. izani group includes izani, dieba, faiz adha, nabila and nina. They do well in their presentation. Faiz adha talk fastly like a rappers from america but he still come from Banting right??.  After that group 2 includes
eika, wawa, rozita che wan and asnawi..haha. eika do a good job as moderator and also their members.
Group 3 members are bariah as moderator, ani, atiqah, asyraf and izzat. After group 3, my group will come up. Fuhh!!! I really scared and try a best to do as moderator. Zubaidah got a 'MC' because she got headache. cik faa as a manager, wasim is a technician and bariah as mother eventhough she no longer experience to be a mother...hahaha.. Group 5 is group nadia zamri, ana, tirah, syafiqah salleh and solihin.
Its interesting because solihin nickname is "SALLY".. wakakakaka...unfortunately, group 6 will presented their's forum by next week because our class already in 6 o'clock.The best host that i choose is eika and the best panel is faiz adha..

                                                              group first


                                                               second group


                                                                Third group

                                                            That's my group

                                                                    Group five

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