Saturday, 23 March 2013

25 February 2013

   Assalamualaikum to my reader. Today we need to bring laptop to Dewan Seri Peria. As usually I asked faiz adha to bring laptop because he save ours' bel 311 works. At the same time we get backs our outline paper that we submit to miss zu before. Unlucky we got below 4 over 5. we expected we get a full mark.
Therefore, we need to do correction. Tonight we have replacement class.

 Replacement class at night

    Our class tonight at blog sri laksamana. Miss zu teach us problem and solution essay and after that she asked all student make a essay. It seem like before we need to be group into 5 group and each group must create their own essay based on video. I really stress today because I am in not well condition and we need to think quickly to create problem and solution essay.

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