Saturday, 23 March 2013

21 march 2013

  Replacement class

Today we have replacement class at night and this class is last class for Bel 311. I hope that I could not repeat this subject for next semester. hehehe.. Our activity today is reading comprehension. She teaches us to answer the question based on march 2012 question paper. Beside that she gave us information to make a essay. We can found material from the essay at part B. After that miss zu us to filled up the survey about blogging. Miss zu went out for a while and she asked us to finished it our work. Then miss zu entered into the class and discussed the answer for second article. Class dismissed but miss zu surprised us because he want celebrates their student with little supper. Thank you miss because i am hungry...hehehe..
After that, miss zu gave us support to do well in examination. Thank you miss zu because teach us and celebrates us.."your kindness always be remember". WE ALWAYS LOVE YOU..





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